Saturday, December 20, 2014

Slap Jack

A friend told me she'd read somewhere Obama wants to tax.
When I got mad, she poked at me and said those were the facts.
So I watched Fox enough to see the furor in Sean’s eyes.
He smoked and steamed, pulled out his hair, said no to compromise.

To tax it seems a novel thing, a surcharge on all cats,
The hairless breeds, and Siamese, old, blind with cataracts.
Seems cats produce a carbon load and have to pay for it.
How to collect from catamounts not easy they admit.

Cats won't pause for any clause requiring a levy.
They have no coin, no currency, and wallets are too heavy.
I’ll have to pay in a few days not only for my living.
For my fat cat I’ve named Slap Jack, I also will be giving.

           April 10, 2010

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