Monday, June 30, 2014

I Brought Flowers

I brought flowers 
to an argument 
last night. 

Something about their beauty 
settled the dispute. 

Just like geese echo 
cutting to the truth, 
I knew this would not be 
the last incident. 

Next time, I'll bring 
a poem.     

Friday, June 27, 2014

It Began To Snow

It began to snow, erasing the horizon. 
A wedge of geese faded in and out, 
a drifting channel on some rustic television. 

The creek crackled with cold where 
the current wasn't. 
Flakes fluttered like moths, 
then melted where they touched me. 

The history of flowers' future lay buried 
where I rested. 

Exhaling the breath of others, 
I tasted them in me, 
watching, with eyes closed, 
nature unfold. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quantum Poetry

Poetry into
the eleventh dimension
does not rely upon the rules
of any one universe.
Quantum poetry,
by its very nature changes
what it describes.
Why not challenge
comfortable understandings?
Somewhere else we are
surely inspired right now
by things that mean nothing
to us here.

I Don't Agree (With Myself)

I do not accept this condition.
I seek harmony inside my skin
yet find plenty with which to disagree.

I don’t get along with language.
At love with the sound of the word,
more than the meaning of the word,
an argument can start here.

And can’t the alphabet do without
the letter K
on my ceyboard?

Ugh! The sound of fury
fits perfectly here.

As I most esteem native cross talkers
and current thought riders,
please, tell me you don't agree.

If I can't agree with myself

Then, why should you.