Saturday, April 26, 2014


Barefoot in shorts, and
A straw cowboy hat --
A night vision to behold.
At a loss for words
I avoid people and the uncertainty
That speaking to them brings.
I spend the night with other animals,
With birds, box turtles, and buffalo
                                    Walking and stopping.
                                    Not thinking, but listening…
And the mynah birds say
                                    Everything is sacred.
And the buffalo say
Everything is sacred,
That is the first truth.
And a turtle pipes up,
This truth is sacred
Listen, they all say
Can you hear it
Listen, listen,
Then you tell me
If everything is sacred
                                    So I stop
                                                And I listen…
                                                I hear it
                                                Yes, I hear it
                                                I hear the truth.
The first truth.

                                                Everything is sacred.

Click here to listen to: SACRED - Spoken Word on SoundCloud.

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