Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Bundle Of Baby

     Flew into Vegas Tuesday night. At 8:30pm it was 68 degrees with a breeze. When I left Virginia it had just stopped snowing.   
     We had lived here for nine years so we drove up the Strip last night to see what had changed.   
     Some new casinos and condo towers. But, what caught my attention were the people.   
     I had forgotten how shit-face drunk the tourists get by sunset.   
     Staggering amongst friends and strangers, they crossed the street around us, then careened in sloppy curves, north and south, onto the snake skin sidewalks that never empty, twenty-four hours a day.   
     We left the Strip at Sahara and headed east towards Sunrise Mountain, driving towards little Elliott Robert Cheal, the two week old grandson we had come here to hold.   
          in my arms   
          a bundle of baby   
          smiling tears   

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