Monday, October 21, 2013

The No-Colors of the No-Moon

Long after dark, I will paint you
with the no-colors of a no-moon.

If I start with moonlight, whatever is added
will make the portrait darker.
If I start with darkness, whatever is added
will make the no-colors brighter.

I start with darkness.

Every outcome is possible
before you are born.

I consider the possible,
close my eyes, and...


As I work, I see light becoming,
becoming you,
light is...

Now, consider...

Painting on darkness
makes no-colors glow.

Let the no-colors decide
what others see.
The outside of your body is like a funeral -
important to everyone
but the guest of honor.

I will look for you with whippoorwill
birdsong to guide me.

When the mountain moves you,
where the water soothes, you
are walking with ghost deer.

Now, it is quiet.
The earth breathes.
Soft rain adds the weight
of teardrops.
The Heart at the Center of Things
is beating.
The no-moon sets with the
promise that next evening will be lit
by a slight sliver of darkness.

I will let that no-moon paint you
in a different way...
the way you will always be becoming.

Peach -
by the light of the no-moon.
August 12, 2011
NewMain, Virginia

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