Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little Brother Gila Monster

last of the gila monsters

Time was as rivers run dry
                        Where does an echo go to die?

this planet dies
scattered by cosmic winds…
No more canyons to echo
the beaded songs
of my little brother,
Gila Monster

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Fold In Space

Who gnu?

After rhyme declined in 1899
people began to weigh their words.
Rather than timing the rhyming
literally, they found
sound has an affinity
for much larger harmonies.

A word’s weight is different than the
sound of the thing.

Some words echo when not said out loud
Some words rise like mist off the page
Some words cannot walk alone
Some words act differently
Some words find old souls
Some words can swim
Some words are for the future found
Some words were never here
Some words have music in them
Some words... without a sound
Some words cannot be taken back
Some words will never be forgiven
Some words are misunderstood
Some words fit perfectly
Some words are poetry
Some people believe
the new cannot be true.
Old ways are the only ways for them.

But, when things have changed like this,
there is no going back.

Not long ago
the shortest distance
between two points
was a line.
Now the shortest distance
between two points
is a fold in space.

Friday, December 14, 2012

I Wonder (when I smell flowers)

little bird with blossoms

I Wonder (when I smell flowers)

How can our hearts
Beat as one
On the day
Innocence is gone

When part after part is rotten to the bone,
And everywhere dark touches leaves love losing us

Some mornings don't fit
Into the day before it's done
A moment lasts forever
For a mother and her son
And fathers little girl
Will not run through the door
With laughter, hugs and kisses
Any more, any more

Can you hear the children play
There are voices in the breeze today
And if we listen carefully
They will be more than a memory

Time does not take love away
Love keeps the heart beating
And slowly finds the rhythm of the wind
In the air that we all share

I wonder when I smell flowers
And hear the ripples in the trees
If my brothers and my sisters
Are not still here with me

Peach ~ December 14, 2012
my brothers and sisters
Newtown, Connecticut
and for
the rest of us