Sunday, November 04, 2012

Talking -- with Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd

Sheets of swallows
outside my window,
around the corner,
the saxophone
swings singing
into a slow song.

The melody dream streams
and spreads
where my heart starts.

The piano knows when (not) to play,
painting silent spots,
then, time-fingering the keys with
hummingbird kisses, wings brushing wings.

Drums, thrum –
running without touching down,
pushing the sound around.

The bass chases.

wash ashore,
the music peaking,
then gently speaking
love’s secrets.

I turn my head…
hear the wind,

h         a          r          m        o          n         y

Arlington, Virginia -- September 16, 2009 / November 4, 2012 -- Originally published in a more abbreviated form in Westward Quarterly (Spring, 2010)
My introduction to Charles Lloyd was around 1974 I paid fifty cents for a used vinyl record of the "Charles Lloyd in Europe" album. Atlantic 1966. Recorded live in Norway October 29, 1966. Charles Lloyd sax and flute, Keith Jarrett piano, Cecil McBee bass, Jack DeJohnette drums. First time I heard any of them. Still one of my favorite albums.
            My two favorite cuts on the album are “Tagore” and “Karma.” Go to 9:40 on the video to hear “Tagore.”

photo from Official Charles Lloyd Web Page
Charles Lloyd Bio

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