Friday, November 16, 2012

Eleventh Heaven

Satchmo on cloud 9 looking up to the eleventh heaven

If heaven is another way of looking,
Show me the eleventh
And, I’ll know I have gotten where I’m going.

Surprise me with hind-walking cats
Who know my name…
With triplet-enhanced background music,
And incandescent nighthawks that soar,
Infinitely silhouetted by salmon suns.

I can imagine, aching,
Happening at the same time…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Surrounded by curious sounds,
I never knew the wind in the trees
Would be so interesting.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gertrude Stein*

Doris Day
Sid and Nancy
If heaven exists I am convinced that there is more than one. I just can’t see Satchmo and Doris Day on a cloud with Johnny Rotten. A Gertrude Stein and a George Steinbrenner heavenly hereafter would seem to be mutually exclusive.
George Steinbrenner
Being only an opinion, my take on heaven has no scholarly basis. I have what can only be referred to as a, “preconceived notion.”
 I have not researched the subject of heaven. I would hate to have the product of intense, thorough research get in the way of my beliefs.
This being so, I have determined that that there are at least as many heavens as there are dimensions. And, since I have always been attracted to music from the eleventh dimension, I choose the eleventh.
I like the sound of that. The colors, form constructs, alien geometries, plants and animals resonate with my soul instrument. It is an odd number and that appeals to me.
If heaven is another way of looking at things, show me the eleventh.
                                                                                                ~ Peach

*Gertrude Stein (1935), photographed by Carl Van Vechten
all photos public domain
© 2012 Jimmy The Peach