Thursday, November 01, 2012

From the Book of Spring

from the Book of Spring

spring is behind
empty robin eggs…
geese are gone

Each page of the Book of Spring says something… nothing… everything. A volume filled with the sound of things arriving for the first time, of things returning. When taken together, the pages are a song of colors where there were no colors.
Sandhill Cranes and Whistling Swans arrive with spring then continue north before summer slips in.
Robins split from their winter Flockopolis and build nests of twitter, split hairs and side effects in tall bushes and spring trees, in steeples, edges of attics, and dabbed on brick ledges outside the common room window.
While they hook up, breed and brood, I ask the Commonwealth of Virginia, “Does Virginia have an official name for the color of a robins egg?”
“It’s light blue to you,” they say.
“For the record,” I whisper, “I hear eleven shades of blue I know are true.”

When every robins nest is empty
And the Tule Swan is gone,
Warm up with the first
Symphony of Summer Song.
Awaken scarlet-splashed blackbirds
In a mustard field at dawn…
Each year that much older,
Another season has moved on.

Written while the sun went down
NewMain, Virginia
- Peach
red-winged blackbird
photo Alan D. Wilson,

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  1. You make me feel there are songs to be sung
    Bells to be rung and a wonderful spring to be sprung