Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking Up With Sandy - The Rope Boys Are At The Door

"Big Boy" Flyer

5:47pm Northern Virginia.
            Still raining but more windy. Drove over to Columbia Pike for emergency supplies.
1 gallon Lemonade
2 Magnums of Canada Dry Ginger Ale

1 Jumbo Petroleum Jelly
4 Large Petroleum Jelly
            Let me tell you why petroleum jelly belongs in the emergency kit. And yes, petroleum jelly is the generic term for Vaseline®.
            Yesterday I mounted, attached, a window well cover outside the west facing window here in the Bamboo Room. Drilled holes in the bricks, slathered on a clear silicone sealant and screwed that baby in. The sealant promised a watertight seal after 3 hours.
            During the recording of today’s ArtChat Podcast I noticed dripping inside of the cover. I went out and discovered the sealant had not dried and sealed. With gusts up around 50 and the hard rain the sealant had been washed and worn away. And that is when I thought, “Vaseline!”
            Brilliant. Had about a third of a jar in the Bamboo Room closet.
Goat Head by Ai Wei Wei
            Man, it was windy. I pried off the cover from the jar and the wind whipped it out of my fingers, out of sight in the direction of the front yard. Who cares? I slathered every bit of petroleum left in the jar along the edges where the sealant had washed away. The wind was slapping me with the umbrella while I was dabbing gobs of jelly in the cracks and crevasses of the cover.
            That Vaseline went on real slick, but, I thought, what if that washes away, or another window leaks or the basement floods? I needed more of that colorless goo.
            Now I am back at the beginning of this page. My present caught up to my present so to speak.
            And now for the weather report.

            Here are some pictures of the work I did on the window and in the background I captured in great detail the warp and weft and whisking motion of the maples in the high winds. I just checked the temperature. It is 74 degrees here in the Bamboo Room and the winds are calm. Humidity is right around 93% and the dew point is actually not due for a few more hours. I will get back to you on that. Oh, and the story of Victor and Vernon - The Rope Boys.

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