Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking Up With Sandy - The first wave hello

               I just did a walk around the Bamboo Room. Looking for leaks. The windows are holding. It’s still early, 12:55pm in Northern Virginia. The Weather Channel says that power could go out any time. How does it work if an advertiser pays for placement but the power goes out where the ads were paid to play? Who cares?
               I have been bombarded with the message that Sandy will be a catastrophic event. I understand now how people told to evacuate, don’t. I mean, it is like my brain doesn't flip into “fight or flight.” Through the windows I see rain and the maple trees. The rain, moved by the wind, slaps the sides of things and skips off the street before settling down into the gutters, then collects under the street and joins joins with other tributaries to drain into the Potomac.
               This is all much less energetic than the special effects on a cheesy, made-for-tv disaster flick.
               Sandy is such a personable, informal name for a storm. Sort of like naming the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan Little Boy and Fat Man. How often big things star with little things, though. 

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