Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tears For You

I’m caught up in a joke, the one I love just turned to smoke.
You’re stuck out on a limb, ‘cause I know you don’t love him.
Every other night, you and him just fuss and fight.
It’s such a waste of time, and I always end up crying

Tears for you / Tears for you
                                    Tears for you / Tears for you

Either way we’ll learn. Either way our hearts will burn.
Then the tide will turn, we’ll forget what we have learned.
Just remember this… don’t forget the way we kissed.
Don’t forget my love; just remember there’s no other…

                                    Tears for you / Tears for you
                                    Tears for you / Tears for you

You think you’ve got a choice… it doesn’t really work like that.
It’s just a bunch of noise. There’s no rabbit in my hat.
Really no surprise, we’re better off without those lies.
Let’s give it one more chance. I promise you that I won’t cry…

                                    Tears for you / Tears for you
                                    Tears for you / Tears for you

© James Lick/Jimmy the Peach. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

August Song

August Song   

After August songs

Pelicans play on Chesapeake Bay

Still swing swinging with

Finger snappin'

Foot tappin'

Thigh slappin'

Belly laughin'

Keepin' time

Rhythm and rhyme

Solitary driven by offshore winds

Riding the escalator at Macy's 

Once I lost my mother in ZCMI

Like a munchkin on a cattle drive

When something startles the picket

Of hobbled horses 

after August sets

out west the evening



reflections of

the moon

After August songs

Each verse a little cooler than yesterday

August 18, 2012 at 2:56am

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Bundle Of Baby

     Flew into Vegas Tuesday night. At 8:30pm it was 68 degrees with a breeze. When I left Virginia it had just stopped snowing.   
     We had lived here for nine years so we drove up the Strip last night to see what had changed.   
     Some new casinos and condo towers. But, what caught my attention were the people.   
     I had forgotten how shit-face drunk the tourists get by sunset.   
     Staggering amongst friends and strangers, they crossed the street around us, then careened in sloppy curves, north and south, onto the snake skin sidewalks that never empty, twenty-four hours a day.   
     We left the Strip at Sahara and headed east towards Sunrise Mountain, driving towards little Elliott Robert Cheal, the two week old grandson we had come here to hold.   
          in my arms   
          a bundle of baby   
          smiling tears   


Such a need
to talk
to listen
to look 
into someone's
eyes looking

Such a need
to touch
be touched
warm breath
my neck
and yours

Such a need
slow walk
sun sets
to whisper 
to lean
planting flowers

Such a need
to laugh
to stare
in bed
you said
I said

Such a need
to quench
a thirst
I never
ever knew
I had

Such a need
a secret
short hand
in public
a parade
a similitude

such a need
such a need
such a need
such a need
such a need
such a need

such a need
such a need
such a need
such a need
to be
not alone

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Man Of Few Words

A man of few words   
     I repeat myself

A man of few words
     I repeat myself

Thursday, January 30, 2014

She's Playing A Dulcimer

Long into the darkness,
this record scratching
and popping like music
used to do, we lay
back on the bed.

Instead of the
cottage cheese ceiling
that hid what,
 I could only imagine,
we would close our eyes
and see…
green fountains
with the rarest,
most precious,

 “She’s playing a dulcimer,” my sister would say.

And then…
we would
make the mistake,
of opening
our                                                                                         eyes.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The No-Colors of the No-Moon

Long after dark, I will paint you
with the no-colors of a no-moon.

If I start with moonlight, whatever is added
will make the portrait darker.
If I start with darkness, whatever is added
will make the no-colors brighter.

I start with darkness.

Every outcome is possible
before you are born.

I consider the possible,
close my eyes, and...


As I work, I see light becoming,
becoming you,
light is...

Now, consider...

Painting on darkness
makes no-colors glow.

Let the no-colors decide
what others see.
The outside of your body is like a funeral -
important to everyone
but the guest of honor.

I will look for you with whippoorwill
birdsong to guide me.

When the mountain moves you,
where the water soothes, you
are walking with ghost deer.

Now, it is quiet.
The earth breathes.
Soft rain adds the weight
of teardrops.
The Heart at the Center of Things
is beating.
The no-moon sets with the
promise that next evening will be lit
by a slight sliver of darkness.

I will let that no-moon paint you
in a different way...
the way you will always be becoming.

Peach -
by the light of the no-moon.
August 12, 2011
NewMain, Virginia

Thursday, August 08, 2013

false dawn

false dawn...
sleep will have to wait
for sunrise

He told me how he got two
cold blue echoes for eyes.
I want to call them blue echoes,
but they are closer to mercury
pools with little ripples from
something inside came
loose and slick-slipped
behind the mercury of his eyes.
I'll call them cold blue echoes so
he don't get excited, but,
there is something broken...
in the blue he doesn't want to know it is.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Jimmy ThePeach: First Kissing Warm Rain

Jimmy ThePeach: First Kissing Warm Rain: fireflies kissing First Kissing Warm Rain Soft is the night yellow misty in the throw-glow of streetlights. In the hour of ...

Friday, June 07, 2013

Watching Sunset With A Dog

"Fearless" Frito
June 7th and after a night of thunderstorms in Virginia, first light feels colder than yester-May. Tiny berms of maple-blade seed-feathers trace the high water line where gutters flooded into the street. How many sunrises… how many sunsets… and the days between…

With a whoosh winter,
winter wind sweeps June
back before summer

Yes, restless from the reminder,
how quicker the wheel turns
as slower the motor runs

No bow strong enough can throw
any arrow farther
than the target,

a small thing,
watching sunset
with a dog

- Peach